Men's Personalized Gift Combo Wallet +Belt+ Keychain

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Gift this Personalized Leather Wallet and Belt Combo to your Loved Ones and make them feel special. Personalize it with their name and a secret message inside

  • Check Wallet Designs
  • Check Belt Designs
  • Check Keychain Designs 
  • Size of Wallet– 11cm X 9cm , Size of Belt- 15cm x 2.5cm, Size of Keychain - 15cm x 2.5cm
  • Package contents – 1 Pc Wallet +1 Pc Belt + 1 Pc Keychain
  • Wallet is Simple, elegant and has all features to suit your daily needs
  • Material of Wallet and Belt – 100% Genuine Leather
  • Bi-fold Wallet so fits in your pocket easily
  • Belt Size Guide - Buy the size which is same as your trouser/jeans waist in inches. Belt has 5 holes with middle hole corresponding to exact size
  • High Quality Brass fitting are used for enhancing the design of the keychain. Fitting are non-corrosive.
  • The catch-lock design can be used to hang to the bag or belt loop of pant/jeans
  • Keychain is Water Proof and weather proof.
  • PERSONALIZE- You can get wallet ,belt and Keychain personalized by Engraving name and message/quote inside the wallet. Mention name in the “Name” column and message in the “Message” column for corresponding belt and wallet. You can also select messages from the dialog box 
  • Name is Mandatory, Message is optional. 
  • Only English, Numbers, Special characters and Heart Smiley can be Engraved. 
  • The Engraving color can vary a little from the displayed picture because leather is a natural product. Engraving can be lighter or darker depending on the natural tendency of leather.